On Solid ground?

Berlin, Odense, Aarhus 2020 – 2023

In a collaboration between art and anthropology, the exhibition is designed as a meeting place with several entry points and space for reflection. Through narratives and dialogue on film, in installations, presentations and performances, the dynamic exhibition invites its visitors to visit other people’s worlds, but also their own.

The exhibition is part of the PhD project with the same title by Line Grüner and was created in dialogue with a number of the project’s participants, who have provided stories, inspiration and ideas for the development of the exhibition, as a creative intervention in the public space at Dokk1.

On Solid Ground is an exhibition about doubt, hope and reaching out in the meeting between Syrian refugees in Denmark and other residents of their local community. The exhibition is built around personal stories about the meeting with a new neighbour, the meeting with the Danish welfare state and about creating a new life and a new context as a refugee in Denmark.


No Title – لا معلق و لا مطلق

Berlin 2023

There probably wouldn’t be a better scenario, or a worse one, but just more of what it is. 

A site-specific installation made for the exhibition “On Solid Ground?”

Acrylic on polyester, jute rope, wood, and stones collected from Aarhus. 

8 pieces 115 cm X 665 cm