ODENSE/Berlin 2019-2020 

A multimedia art project and exhibition. The title is a made-up word in Danish, as the opposite of Brugskunst (which means applied arts, functional arts, or the art of the useable). 

Built from collected wood from a local forest of Odense in collaboration with Mads Gronberg, used found objects from my then local area to create the dysfunctional object. The work becomes the opposite of perfectionism – a resistance and a protest – not only to the functionality of the object but also to the expectations of local design and implications of identity in a given place. The work is a chair but is not a chair, similarly we may relate to a specific identity but at the same time have no tangible identity at all.  


The chair Wood – Oil and Wood glue 40 x 45 x 92 cm,  45 x 55 x 145 cm 

Projection mapping: Digital video animation projected and mapped on Watercolors drawing on recycled paper 120 X 150 cm  

Sprayed graffiti stencils; Series of 41 Laser cut wooden plates, white spray. 

Presented as part of the tripartite exhibition “Common Ground” at Gallery 68 Projects / Berlin 2020.