You see me with one eye, I see you with two
يلي بشوفني بعين, بشوفه بعينتين

Interactive Video Installation. Berlin 2020-2022

“You see me with one eye, I see you with two”, is a visual intervention in public space. A two-channel interactive video projection, through software designed by Hady Elsahar for this project, allows the videos to interact with the movements of the people in the space.
The videos are a series of moving images composed and manually animated to compose graphical moving units forming moving compositions to shape abstract graphical and performative animation videos.

The title is an old Syrian saying means if you respect me, I respect twice more, but often used passively for the meaning of disrespect.

Total animation is 12 minutes.

This project premiered as part of “Signal” 48hours Neukölln 2022 Installed in Kino Passage, Karl-Marx-Straße Berlin

Generally supported by Statenkunst fond