This showreel is made of Wael Toubaji’s animation films between 2006 until 2016,
All the projects are human rights related, most of the projects were commissioned by a client or generously sponsored by a foundation like:
Open society Foundation OSF
Positive Negatives
Cyper Arabs

Teebs – Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff BY

Metaphor Short animation film. Istanbul/ Beirut 2014
Contrasted between beautiful details and disturbing atmosphere, the protagonist continues to sing and enjoy the beautiful details left in her city, ignoring the rockets and death machine that is approaching her, believing that all the power of the world, even the evil power would unify to make her wish come true.


Concept Art: Abdulrazaque Alsalhany       Animation: Diala Brisly/ Abdo Haj Kasem/ Wael Toubaji

Background Artists: Yaman Battikha/ Abdulrazaque Alsalhany

Music/ Sound effects: Karam Ayzouq/ Wael Toubaji

Editing: Wael Toubaji   Script writing: Wael Toubaji/ Amani Ibrahim Directed and produced by: Wael Toubaji

Metaphor was supported by:

ARA – Art Residence Aley  and  mict-international

One Hand Beirut / Istanbul (2012)

When will is unified, hope is born.
One Hand was one of the first slogans during the Syrian revolution, as a call for unity. 



Compositing and motion graphic: Ahmed Wardeh             Music: Wael Katt

Shading and colouring: Sameer Salameh

Backgrounds: Mhamed Jabassini, Wael Toubaji

Animation, directing, and producing: Wael Toubaji

“One Hand” was supported by AFAC