Wael Toubaji, a painter and animation filmmaker, majored in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus university 2007, in 2020 he completed an MFA at Funen Art Academy in Denmark where he researched moving images and painting in a social context.


2018 – 2020 Master of Fine arts, Funen Art Academy/ Odense/ Denmark.
2003 – 2007 Faculty of Fine Arts/ Damascus University, Oil and Mural Painting.

Selected exhibitions and participations
2022 You see me with one eye, I see you with two, as part of 48 Studen Neukolln 2022
2022 Rewind, commission for Weiterschreiben.jetzt
2021 Juxtapose Art Fair in Aarhus, with gallery M100, Odense.
          Group exhibition “In This Gesture” @C4Projects/ Copenhagen
          Commision by Teater Momentum (dk)_ Commision for Anna Anderegg Korean Biennale 2021
2020 Commision by SMK followed by an exhibition at The Royal Cast Collection
          Group exhibition (graduation project) “All In This Together” At Funen Art Academy in Odense.
          Trio exhibition at 68 Projects Berlin
2019 Visual performance, Contemporary Arabic Music Festival @ Danish National Library
           Group exhibition “Harmonia” @ Sevndborg Kunsthallen/ Denmark
           Group exhibition and artist residency “A Journey of Belonging” @ Bikini/ Berlin
           Dual exhibition “Territory” @ Sorte Firkant/ Copenhagen
2017 “Metaphor” Film broadcasting @ “Arte.tv”

           Video Installation “Common Ground” @ Platform Festval/ New Castle/ UK
2016 Dual exhibition “A Perilous Journey” @ Kunsthall 314/ Bergen
2015 Dual exhibition “A Perilous Journey” @ Nobel Peace Centre/ Oslo
2013 Euromed Audiovisual – Zeitgeist Media Festival/ Hollywood/ USA
2009 Damascus Film Festival, Short Film Competition

          Group exhibition @ French Cultural Institute/ Damascus/ Syria

          The Annual Spring Exhibtion @ Khan Asa’ad Pasha/ Damascus/ Syria
2008 Damascus the Capital of Arabic culture

          Group exhibition @ Alsaied Galery, Damascus/ Syria
2007 Graduates’ exhibition, Damascus/ Syria


Prizes and funds
2022 Bildende Kunst – Recherchestipendium Senate Department for Culture and Europe

2021 Staten kunstfond production grant, Denmark

2019 Erik Hoffmeyer Rejser grant for artistic achieve-ments.

2016 Roskilde Bibliotek. Commission/fund

2014 ARA Art Residency Ale Lebanon. Fund
2014 MICT International. Fund 2012 AFAC Lebanon. Fund

2012 AFAC Arab Foundation for Arts and Culture Production grant.

Email: me (at) waeltoubaji . com