Interactive video installation.

Beirut-Istanbul 2011-2012



When the will is unified, hope is born.
One Hand was the first slogan the Syrian revolutionaries adopted; This slogan meaning is a call for unity. 

“One Hand” is a short animation film that metaphorically reflected my understanding of the Arab Spring and the Syrian revolution as young activists 

as well as our hopes and beliefs, and it documents our state of mind by that period as when we protested calling for dignity we believed that evil will eventually naturally be defeated.


Compositing and motion graphic: Ahmed Wardeh

Music: Wael Katt

Shading and coloring: Sameer Salameh

Backgrounds: Mhamed Jabassini, Wael Toubaji

Animation, directing, and producing: Wael Toubaji

“One Hand” was generously supported by AFAC


euromedaudiovisuel 2013

cabrioletfilmfestival 2014 themeBYBLOS

Festival des Cinémas arabs/IMAG’IMA 2013

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