Short animation film. Beirut-Istanbul 2013 – 2014


Digital animation,

04:03 minutes



Contrasted between beautiful details and horrible atmosphere, the protagonist continues to sing and enjoy the beautiful details left in her home, ignoring the rockets and death machine that is trying to approach her, believing that all the power of the world, even the evil power would unify to make her wish come true.

Metaphor is a poetical short animation film by Wael Toubaji inspired by a poem written by Amani Ibrahim


The poem says:

“I love Jasmine, I love it that I carry it between my lips, I walk away and look around at the rest of the trees and without thinking, I pick up a Jasmine flower from each, and hang it on my mouth until my head looks like a vase.

A rocket falls down, it hits ten meters in front of me, it doesn’t explode, but I explode, explode of laughing at the rocket that has been disappointed because of  the Jasmine.”



Concept Art: Abdulrazaque Alsalhany

Animation: Diala Brisly/ Abdo Haj Kasem/ Wael Toubaji

Background Artists: Yaman Battikha/ Abdulrazaque Alsalhany

Music/ Sound effects: Karam Ayzouq/ Wael Toubaji

Editing: Wael Toubaji

Script writing: Wael Toubaji/ Amani Ibrahim

Directed and produced by: Wael Toubaji


Metaphor was generously supported by ARA – Art Residence Aley





MedFilm Festival 21 -2015

Klik Amsterdam Festival 2015

Athens AnimFest 2015

KararanFest November -2015

Digital Marrakech 2014